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Digital Pressure Gauge


The RB28 series of digital pressure gauges is designed with a complete electronic structure, powered by batteries, and boasts a straightforward on-site installation process. These gauges employ a high-precision piezoresistive pressure sensor, low-temperature drift amplification processing, and a high-precision A/D converter. The signal is meticulously converted into a digital format, and the LCD display presents the precise pressure reading.

These intelligent digital pressure gauges offer exceptional flexibility, ease of operation, and a reliable battery power source, ensuring safety in various applications. They find extensive utility in industries such as hydropower, water management, petroleum, chemical, mechanical engineering, and hydraulics, particularly where the local display of pressure is essential.

Main Features

  • Peak hold function, record the maximum pressure during measurement
  • Progress bar display
  • engineering units to choose: psi, bar, kPa, kg /cm2. MPa
  • Sampling rate: 4 times /second
  • 1 ~ 15min adjustable automatic shutdown function
  • Parameter correction function, on-site instrument zero, error correction
  • Peak hold function, record the maximum pressure during measuremen


  • Calibration
  • HVAC
  • Factory automation
  • Testing equipment

Technical Specifications

Performance Characteristics
Pressure type Relative (gauged) & Absolute
Compensated temperature range -10 ... 55°C
Measuring Range 1 ... 0 bar
Long term stability <0.3 % FSR/a
Accuracy 0.5% FS
Response time <5 ms
Over pressure 1.5 times FS
Temperature coefficient <0.15 % FSR/10K, measuring span
<0.25 % FSR/10K, zero point
Process temperature -30 ... 80°C
Process pressure Refer measuring range for Process pressure
Connection variants G 1/4” or NPT 1/4” Male thread
Material of Construction
Diaphragm SS316L
Pressure port SS304
Interface Material ABS (acrylamide-butane-polystyrene)
Sealing Viton