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Multi-Axis Stepper Drive Control

EtherCAT multi-axis Controllers

Multi-Axis Stepper Drive, the ultimate solution for precise and synchronized control of multiple stepper motors. Engineered with advanced technology, this device ensures exceptional performance and reliability across various industrial applications.


Multi control methods for customer choices

  • Multi-axis series drive support pulse or switch control, two axis motor can be independent or synchronous operation, suitable for a variety of applications

Save labour & shortening debugging time

  • The number of drives that need to be debugged is halved, saving labor and time costs for debugging devices

Save space & facilitate customer design

  • Compared with traditional drives, the multi-axis series drive can save 40 to 60% of the installation space and facilitate customer layout

Save cost & improve equipment competitiveness

  • While saving space and labor, the multi-axis series can also save drive costs and improve the overall competitiveness of the equipment
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Pulse Type
  • DIP setting of Micro-stepping & current
  • Two pulse signal control
  • The two motors work independently
Speed regulating type
  • DIP setting of speed & current
  • One switching signal control
  • The two motors work in sync

Technical Specifications

Model Peak Current A Weight kg Input voltage rrange Dimension MM Matching Motor
Mult-axis control series
Speed regulating
R42-D 2.2 0.2 18-50VDC 118 X 76 X 25 open loop below 42mm
R60-D 5.6 0.3 18-50VDC 118 X 76 X 33 open loop below 60mm
R42X2 2.2 0.2 18-50VDC 118 X 76 X 25 open loop below 42mm
R60X2 5.6 0.4 18-48VDC 132 X 82 X 29 open loop below 60mm
R60X3 5.6 0.5 18-48VDC 175 X 95 X 31 open loop below 60mm
Field Bus
ECR60X2 6.0 0.5 18-80VDC 175 X 98 X 33 open loop below 60mm
ECT60X2 6.0 0.5 18-80VDC 175 X 98 X 33 closed loop below 60mm