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Low Power AC Drive

Frecon Low Power AC Drive

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Frecon FR150A :-
  • FR150A series is a high performance, high quality new generation inverter of Frecon, with advance control modes for high torque, high precision, high reliability and wide-speed drive.
  • Power Range: 0.25KW to 4KW
  • Voltage Range: : 1-phase 220V ( -15% - +20%)   |   3-phase 380V ( -15% - +30%)
  • Ever more intuitive and user-friendly programming & menus
  • Benefits: More compact design for saving installation space, Robust & Ecological, suitable for several types of motor.
  • Application: Spindle Application, conveyor, engineering reconstruction, automation control and other special industry applications.
  • Communication: Modbus Serial RS-485.
  • Features: Multifunctional control such as built-in PID, simple PLC, Programmable input and output terminals, Analog input, and output, common DC Bus, Built in Breaking unit. Support input phase lacking protection, short circuit protection between motor to ground and motor phases,

FR500A (General purpose AC Drive ) :-
  • • FR500A series is a high performance, high-quality, high-power density design, new generation inverter of FRECON, which is with mainly for OEM Customers of the mid-high market end for applications, new technology platform, large surplus derating design, adopt Infineon new generation of IGBT hardware platform, with higher configuration and large surplus derating design, wide range voltage input with international standards,
  • Power Range : 0.75KW to 450KW
  • Voltage Range : 3 Phase 380V (-15% - 30%)
  • Applications : Machine Tools, Wood Making Machines, Material Handling, Packaging & Printing Machines, Ceramic Machine, General Machine, fan and pump application.
  • Benefits : Robustness, Availability & Service, Flexible Design, embedded SVC and VF control, comprehensive protection functions, excellent performance, Flexible and diversified terminal functions, Strong overload ability, Perfect brake circuit scheme.
  • Communication : Modbus Serial RS-485.
  • Features : Built-in self-adaptive PID function module, support synchronous motor, support multiple PG cards, support synchronous motor support, support position control such as spindle orientation, pulse follow, support two groups of motor parameters, independent Air Duct, multiple communication expansion card, V/F fully separated and semi- separated operations, speed tracking functions, Support high speed pulse input and output up to 100khz, speed tracking functions
  • The independent air duct design, can effectively prevent the dust from entering the inverter and causing the fault of short circuit, improve the reliability. Select the long- life and max air flow rate cooling fans, effectively reduce inverter temperature rise ensure reliable and stable operation.
  • Strong braking ability: the short time braking ability can reach 1.1-1.4 times of inverter’s rated power brake protection is more comprehensive and intelligent.
  • High-start torque characteristics, sensor less vector control can reduce susceptibility of motor parameter, improve the field adaptability.
  • Multi-function terminal DI, DO, AO with a variety of logic functions for selections, AI terminal can be used as multi-function DI terminal. Built-in multi-group virtual DI and DO function selection to reduce external DI/DO wiring.
  • Built-in two groups of PID parameters, which can automatically switch according to the deviation, DI terminal and frequency conditions. Given and feedback source selection is various, practical. Detect function of PID feedback loss, which is convenient for user to detect faults. Support dormancy and wake up function, can be switched according to the frequency and pressure.
  • Automatically compensate by voltage when overload, realize output voltage constant and meet the application requirement of power supply industries.
  • Speed tracking function, in the case of fast start, the inverter can make the motor to start smoothly according to the current operation direction and speed of the motor.
  • Multiple communication expansion card. Support PROFIBUS, CAN, GPRS DTU and other communication.
  • Strong background software. Specialized upload and download module, convenient parameter debugging and backup. According to the industry demand, develop a dedicated application macro.
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FR150T / FR500T: - (SOLAR AC DRIVE ) :-
  • FR150T & 500 series special inverters are developed for outdoor PV power supply of water pumps, based on the core control arithmetic of FR150 & 500 vector control inverters and combined with the control requirements of PV water pump application. The MPPT, dormant at weak light, wake up at strong light, high water level dormant, under-load pre-warning and other control protection functions can ensure normal operation of water pumps according to the customer’s requirements to switch to the grid power supply.
  • Application: Applicable to AM, PMSM, BLDC etc.
  • Advanced MPPT algorithms: Efficiency reaches 99%
  • Hybrid power supply: support solar power DC/Power grid AC Input, and DC/AC auto switch.
  • Dormancy and wake-up function: inverter will entry dormancy mode and wake up automatically according to sunshine intensity.
  • Built-in protection: support-over current, over-voltage, over-temperature and etc, protection.
  • Eco-friendly : Operation without battery
  • Large water yield: larger water yield under same condition
  • Water level control: Dry run protection, tank water level control.
  • Recording Functions: recording for total power generated (kw/h), water flow (m3), and operation time (H).
  • GPRS module: All models can be configured with GPRS module for real-time remote monitoring and operation in WEB.