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Tri Gear Chemicals Flow Meter

Tri-Gear Flow meters

Performance accuracy along with shelf life are on stake when it comes to operate for Acid and other strong chemicals that easily harm the equipment used. The Trigear chemical flow meters have been designed with highly durable alloys and PVDF body, supporting the flow-less and effort free operations and fluid measurement. The PEEK material gear supports sturdy operation and enhance the shelf life.

Product Performance and Specification

Model prefix: TGO08P
Nominal size (inches) 8mm (3/8")
Flow range - (LPIM) litres/min (0.25 ~ 9.2)
Flow range - (USGPH) US gal/hr (0.07 ~ 2.4)
**Accuracy @ 3cp ± 1.0% of reading
Repeatability typically ± 0.01% of reading
Temperature range -30°C+80°C
(-22°F +175°F)
Maximum pressure 5 Bar.G. (75 psig)
Output pulse resolution
Reed switch output 650 (2460)
Hall effect & Quadrature 650 (2460)
High Resolution Hall option 1300 (4920)
Reed switch output 30Vdc x 200mA max. (maximum thermal shock 10°C (50°F)/minute)
Hall effect output (NPN) 3 wire open collector, 5 ~ 24Vdc max., 20mA max.
Optional outputs 4 20mA, scaled pulse, quadrature pulse, flow alarms or two stage batch control
Protection class IP66/67 (NEMA4X), integral ancillaries can be supplied Intrinsically Safe
Min. filtration - microns (mesh) 75 microns (200 mesh)
Approximate shipping weights (PVDF threaded meter) 0.6 Kg