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Thermal Flow Sensor

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

RB Automations' Thermal Flow Sensor Meter, a cutting-edge solution for precise fluid flow measurement. Using advanced thermal principles, it ensures exceptional accuracy and reliability for various industrial applications.


Principle of Measurement

The sensor tip integrates both a temperature sensing and heating element warming up the tip at regular intervals. After the heating phase, the media-specific cooling behaviour is identified under consideration of temperature drop, reference temperature and the medium's heating capacity. The measured result is proportional to the flow rate of the medium. It is either provided at the analog output or may serve as switching output trigger.

Where to use

  • Monitoring of cooling circuits
  • Spray jet monitoring in cleaning machine
  • Dry run protection of pump

Area of Application

  • For water & coolant without OIL.

Technical Specifications

Measurement range

10 to 400 cm/s

Temperature range

  125 C


2% of full scale


Stainless Steel

Signal Output

4-20 mA/ 0-10 Vdc / PNP / NPN


G1/2" / Triclover

Max. Pressure  

100 Bar