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Tri Gear Large Flow Meter

Tri Gear Flow meters


Technical Specifications

Nominal size ( inches) TG080 (3") TG100 (4")
Flow range (LPIM) Litres/min 25-700 50-1500
Flow range (GPM) US gal/min 6.5 200 13 - 400
Accuracy @ 3cp ± 0.5% of reading (t0.25o Of reading over 6:1 turndown)
Repeatability Typically, t 0.03% of reading
Temperature range -30°C +120°C(-22F- +250°F)
Maximum pressure Bar (psi)
Aluminium meters 15 (220) 15 (220)
Stainless Steel 20 (290) 20 (290)
Electrical - for pulse meters (see below for optional outputs)
Output pulse resolution pulses/ litre (pulses / US gallon) nominal
Reed switch 2.8 (10.6) 1.4 (5.3)
Hall effect 11.2 (42.5) 5.6(21.5)
Quadrature Hall Effect option 5.6 (21.2) 2.3 (10.6)
Reed sWitch output 30Vdc x 200mA max. (maximum thermal shock 10C (18*F)/minute)
Hall effect output (NPN) 3 wire open collector, 5~24Vdc max., 20mA max.
Optional outputs 4~20mA, Scaled pulse, quadrature pulse, flow alarms or two stage batch control
Protection class IP66/67 (NEMA4XI, optional Ex I| 2GExEx d IIC T6 to T4, Ex II 1G Ex ia IC T2 or T4 Ga. Integral readouts can be supplied to either classification.
Overall dimensions Refer Below
Recommended filtration 350 microns (40 mesh)