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Laser Sensor

Laser Sensor For Distance Measurement

Precise distance, spacing and position measurements even on challenging surfaces

  • Fast, accuracy in the sub-micrometer range and distances of up to 13 meters
  • Reliably even on very rough, shiny or dark surfaces
  • Very high ambient light immunity
  • Large selection of performance classes, sizes and beam shapes
  • Short Response Times
    Measuring cycles as short as 0.9 ms permit accurate measurements even on moving parts.
  • High Resolution And Linearity
    Precise measurements thanks to a very high linearity of ±6 μm at a resolution of up to 2 μm (measured on matte white ceramic)
  • For Any Surfaces
    Intelligent signal processing improves the measurements made on critical surfaces
  • Absolute encoders with industry protocols
    The measuring range can be adjusted within the maximum measuring range by the user with the Teach-in button or via the Teach-in cable. The analog output has its full span within this taught-in range. The factory setting is the maximum measuring range.
  • Application :
    Distance Measurement

Technical Specifications

Measurement 0 …1 meter & up to 13m
Resolution up to 2 μm
Adjustment Teach-in
Signal Output 4-20 mA / 0-10 Vdc / switching
Elec. connection M12 4 Pin / M8 4 Pin
Power Supply 10 -30 Vdc
Response time 0.9 ms to <12 ms