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Flow Switches

Flow Switches

RB Automations' Flow Switch, a high-performance solution for fluid flow control. With precision engineering and reliability at its core, It ensures accurate and responsive flow regulation for diverse industrial needs.

Flow Switch
Flow Switch

Principle of Measurement

Depending on the flow velocity/flow throughput, the baffle plate is deflected and it moves over the balance arm the permanent magnet into the operating range of the reed contact mounted outside the process fluid.

Where to use

  • Monitoring of cooling circuits
  • Spray jet monitoring in cleaning machine
  • Dry run protection of pump

Area of Application

  • For water & coolant without OIL.

Technical Specifications

Switching range

2.5 - 4.8 ….. 383-533 L/min water

Temperature range

  100° C


Stainless Steel / Brass

Signal Output

Contact NO/NC


G1/4" ….G 1 1/2"

Max. Pressure  

250 Bar