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Incremental Rotary Encoder

Absolute Rotary Encoder

Rotary encoder are used to provide accurate position measurement and speed feedback in many machine and control system. we are providing complete range of incremental and absolute encoder in solid and hollow shaft design for various application in automation industries.

At A Glance

  • Robust construction provides extreme Shock & vibration resistance
  • Precise measurement
  • High degree of protection Up to IP69K
  • Absolute encoders with industry protocols e.g. Profinet,Ethernet,Profibus,Canopen Analog
  • Encoder housing with anti corrosive CS painting


  • Distance measurement & speed Monitoring in motor feedback system
  • Positioning in packaging industries
  • Angle measurement
Square Plus Pattern

Technical Specifications

Type Incremental/ Absolute
Shaft. Type Solid shaft / hollow shaft
Shaft Dia 6mm/8mm/10mm/15mm
PPR 100….10000
Power Supply 5 VDC / 8..30 VDC / 4.75…30 VDC
Output TTL/RS422 or HTL/Pushpull
Electrical Connection Radial & Axial cable / connector